Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Prayer Requests for 12/29

Today we invoke the especial intercession of St. Thomas of Canterbury, whose day is today.

For all those affected by the tidal waves in Asia and Africa...

For the Christians of Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, and all other places where there is persecution...

From Steven Riddle:

For C and G that a job offer should come soon that will accommodate both of them.

For a member of St. Blogs who is undergoing enormous stress in her personal life and who is seeking a job at the present time, that she might be comforted and find employment that would be suited to her skills.

For Katherine for a swift, safe, and uneventful delivery of her child.

And from Jeanne M.:

For Lucille C. and her battle against lymphoma...

For all the fallen away Catholics in my family...

For my husband, John, and his successful search for a new job in 2005.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Prayer Requests for 12/27

From Elena :

Please pray for my cousin Phyllis, age 49 who was just found to have metastatic lung cancer (in a nonsmoker!)

Prayers for a healthy baby and a safe birth for my baby due end of May/early June!

And from Steven:

For those who died in the Sumatran Tsunamis, their family, friends, and loved ones who mourn them. For the nations devastated by them and for an outpouring of generosity on the part of all those who are more distantly affected.

For Dylan, his health, his well-being and his return to St. Blogs as soon as humanly possible.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Requests for 12/22

For the continued recovery of Karen Marie Knapp....

For the repose of the soul of Gerard Serafin...

For Suzanne Beaupre (pituitary tumor), Basia Prengel (degenerating spine), Ellen Seeger (arthritis), Sue Seeger (surgery), and Beverly Prengel (emphesyma)

For Mike C. (depression)

For Danny (substance abuse) and his family

For Amy Seeger's post-graduation job search...

Welcome.... the St. Blog's Prayer Network. This is the place to share petitions, intercessions, praises, and thanksgivings, to pray and be prayed for.

A few simple rules and procedures:

1) Please send all requests to . I will post them from there.

2) The Welborn Protocol applies here. If you wish to remain anonymous, or to be known by initials, please state that in your request.

3) Commonsense rules on civility and charity apply. No calling down of heavenly lightning on anyone or anything, no political stumping, no requests for excessive get the picture.

4) I ask all visitors to at least say a brief prayer for all those who have posted. I also ask those who celebrate the Hours to make some mention, and I especially ask priests to remember them at the altar.

Thank you, and God bless you!