Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For 12/1

For the grace to do God's will at all times...

For Suzanne B's father, recently diagnosed with lung cancer...

For all those affected by the recent winter weather across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest...

For all the intentions previously posted on this site...

Today's Hymn

During the seasons of Advent and Christmas, I will be posting a different hymn/antiphon each day.

The Advent of Our God

The advent of our God
Our prayers must now employ,
And we must meet Him on His road
With hymns of holy joy.

The everlasting Son
Incarnate deigns to be;
Himself a servant’s form puts on
To set His people free.

Daughter of Zion, rise
To meet thy lowly King,
Nor let thy faithless heart despise
The peace He comes to bring.

As Judge, on clouds of light,
He soon will come again,
And all His scattered saints unite
With Him in Heaven to reign.

Before the dawning day
Let sin’s dark deeds be gone;
The old man all be put away,
The new man all put on.

All glory to the Son
Who comes to set us free,
With Father, Spirit, ever One,
Through all eternity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For November 30

Today is the feast of St. Andrew, the first of the Apostles to be called by Jesus.

For the peoples of Scotland, Russia, and Romania...

For the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen serving overseas...

For R.W., whose sister was killed in a car accident this past Wednesday...

For Basia, hospitalized with numerous health problems, and her family...

For Judeen, hospitalized with spinal problems...

For all the intentions of those who visit this site...